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Store unlimited contacts!

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Can anyone truly say how many friends, co-workers or acquaintances one can gather in a lifetime? Neither can we! So, why limit how many contacts you get to save to your address book?

With this principle in mind AddyMate has worked hard to make sure you aren’t artificially limited by the size of your address book & can manage as many contacts as you please. We’ve made sure you can import any number of your contacts from your linked Google & Yahoo accounts. Whether you have only 10 contacts or 10,000 we’re ready to help you manage them by weeding out the duplicates & connecting you with those contacts that are AddyMate users.

So, go ahead & start building your address book by importing your contacts from Google, Yahoo or Outlook, we’ll take care of the rest!

Tag Syncing

Monday, August 15th, 2011

As our address book grows with more contacts it becomes essential to organize them so that you can quickly look them up using associative words that are more intuitive than a contact’s name. This is especially true of people you don’t interact with often but deal with occasionally. More so, organizing your contacts helps you look up a subset of your address book at once rather than having to look them up one at a time.


The most popular way to do this is by creating groups and adding contacts to them one at a time. At AddyMate we felt there was a better, faster and fun way to do this. And that was through the use of Tags. While Tags have been available since the start of the service we’ve now enhanced the feature by fully syncing the tags you create & use in AddyMate with Google Contacts & vice versa. Here’s what you get with Tags:

  1. Import your existing Groups from Google- If you’ve linked your Google account with AddyMate we’ll import all your Groups into AddyMate & maintain the associations with your contacts by automatically creating the Tags & applying them to the appropriate contacts.
  2. Full 2-way sync with Google – Tags that you create & associate with contacts in AddyMate are automatically synced with your linked Google account.
  3. Quick tagging – Tags can be created & applied directly from your AddyMate address book without even editing the contact. Simply click on the Tags label for a contact & enter a name for a Tag.
  4. Quick tag based contact sort – Lookup up your tagged contacts by clicking on the Tag in the right tag cloud box.
    • You can then send a message to the tagged contacts from this sorted list.
    • You can also invite them to connect with you on AddyMate by sending out an invitation.
  5. Tag management – Manage all your tags in the Tag Manager where you can Add new tags, Edit existing tags, Merge several tags into one or Delete those that you don’t need anymore.

We’re sure that you’ll find this feature very useful & would love to hear from you on how you’ve started using Tags for managing your address book.